Leonard Stanley

Rifle and Pistol Club

Monday 6 pm till no shooters
Benchrest and Light sporting rifle
Godsell Cup which is a benchrest using a LSR but only supported at the front, and must be at the shoulder
Peter Exley

Tuesday 7 pm till no shooters
Juniors Age 6-18.
Air pistol, Air rifle, and .22 rimfire rifle
Alex Hyslop and Andy Roberts

Wednesday 7 pm until no shooters
Prone rifle
Alex Hyslop

Thursday 7 pm until no shooters (This is usually every fortnight)
Turning targets, using air pistol, air rifle, or .22 rimfire.
Tony Docker

Friday 6 pm until no shooters
Light sporting rifle .22 or air rifle .177 and .22
Steve Lowe

Any discipline is available on any night but the designated discipline takes priority